The Tcherepnin Project

The life and music of Alexander Tcherepnin (the son of the arguably more well-known composer Nicolas Tcherepnin) has long been one of my interests. Over a long period of time, and second to my work on Prokofiev, I have started to delve into the intriguing story of his life and to understand, to a better degree at least, the role that music played in the life of this very cosmopolitan composer. I have decided to share some of the results of my research on my website  because I do believe that this composer’s music deserves to be better known rather than hidden behind paywalls of journal and therefore less accessible to the public. The decision to share this research on a wider platform was purposeful as I’m hoping this will generate debate and further research into his music. The main problem with such fundamental and in some respects basic research, is that one never knows what is known about him, which works one can assume audiences and readers know etc. This kind of archival and archeological research is particularly challenging. It is also completely unsuitable for exposure in journal articles. There’s a degree of foundational work that needs to be completed first – my aim is to begin that work by sharing my initial research on this platform.

I have designed the Tcherepnin project on this site as a work in progress: blog posts will explore various facets of the composer (often in no particular order) and other elements of his work. I have also curated favourite recordings, videos and images wherever I was able to. Use #AlexanderTcherepnin to engage in the debate on Twitter, add comments or get in touch! An important site for anyone interested in Alexander Tcherepnin is the composer’s family homepage

This research has been supported by a number of grants from the Paul Sacher Stiftung, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Royal College of Music.


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