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Writing is an integral part of my practice, whether that is my teaching, practice based research or any other kind of research or performance. I have thought about blogging for a while now but never really considered making my thoughts public. In retrospect, I think my main problem with  blogging was one of genre, but there’s something to be said for the freedom of both form and voice that characterises the medium. Intriguingly it seems that more and more academics and practitioners are taking to blogging as a way of capturing their research and reflective processes [Studies in Higher Education 38, no. 8 (2013): 1105–1119].

This blog provides a repository for some of my thinking on teaching, research and also academic leadership and management. I do not have a particular audience in mind  but some of the posts may prove to be interesting to both my colleagues and my students. Ultimately however I write the blog for myself, as a way of responding and reflecting on my own everyday experience and practice and as a means of capturing otherwise fleeting ideas. Here you will find many an unfinished and unpolished thought – I consider this space to be a creative one although it may not be a private one. I’m always pleased to see relevant comments and to respond to these if I can. Most importantly however, my ideas may change and nothing I say here is set in stone in any area I practise in. I don’t think of blogging as a research activity, more as a ‘thinking’ one. I rarely ever upload complete material here – I save that for my publications. Often, perhaps without knowing it, I write from the perspective of a young, female academic and practitioner working in the constantly changing world of academia thus reflecting my anxieties, thoughts and ideas on the subject.

I should also state here that although I work at the Royal College of Music, the opinions and ideas in this blog do NOT reflect those of the institution and are entirely personal.

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